Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Millions of Americans contribute to charitable public service organizations every day they go to work. Perhaps you already make workplace contributions through payroll deductions. If not, you should - because the need is great, and there's no easier way to help.

Did you know your NRA has three affiliate organizations that may qualify for these types of contributions? It's true: The NRA Special Contribution Fund (Whittington Center), the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund and The NRA Foundation all qualify as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organizations, for which donations are tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

Consider what we'd achieve if just 100,000 NRA members set aside just 50 cents per week from their paychecks. Each year that would add up to $2.6 million! If a million NRA members committed just 50 cents per week, we'd have $26 million each year.

That's enough to fund all the vital, life-saving work we do each year -- from the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, to our firearms safety training, youth programs, advanced hunter education, disabled shooting programs, firearms civil rights research and education, crime prevention, The National Firearms Museum ... the list goes on and on -- with enough money left over to endow these programs for future generations!

Thousands of NRA members and public-spirited Americans are supporting these efforts through workplace charitable giving campaigns such as the Combined Federal Campaign, The United Way, State and Local Government Combined Campaigns, as well as independent corporate payroll deduction programs.

Through a simple, regular payroll deduction, these generous citizens are helping to preserve our shooting heritage through the good works of these NRA charitable affiliates. What's more, in many cases, their employers match their contributions, doubling or tripling their impact and reach.

How can you help? Simple: Just add one of these NRA affiliate public service organizations to your annual workplace charitable giving designation. If the organizations aren't listed in the campaign's literature by name, ask if you can write them in under an "Open Donor Designation" provision.

For the Combined Federal Campaign, The NRA Foundation (CFC# 11872) and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund (CFC# 10006) are listed in the CFC Brochure in the NATIONAL UNAFFILIATED SECTION. Other campaigns may have local criteria which will have to be satisfied by the NRA Development Office for them to accept your donation.

Your effort to include us may just be the trigger to open the way for others in your community to contribute, too!

You'll barely miss that "dollar a week," but your grandchildren and theirs will benefit from your generosity, and you'll have done your part to preserve our shooting and hunting heritage.

For more information on Workplace Giving, please call (877) NRA-GIVE
or email donorpgrms@nrahq.org.
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